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Custom Designs Are Our Specialty
Careful Planning is Essential
There is a place for art glass in any décor.  It can be an enhancement or a center of focus.  If you are considering an investment in art glass, the glass and design must be planned carefully to outlast any other changes you might make over the years.

We will ask for your input in the form of photos, fabric designs, tiles or just ideas from your imagination to determine the color and style of your window.  There are many pattern books available in our studio to help you with this.

Once we have a good idea of what you have pictured for your art glass we will produce scale drawings based on your dimensions.  When the drawings are complete, we will ask you to visit our studio to discuss the drawings and choose the glass to be used.

The Design Process
Your project will progress through several stages beginning with the design stage.  We require a $100.00 deposit before any drawings or site visits take place.  This is a non-refundable deposit, however it will be applied to the total so it serves as a deposit.   Once you approve the design and choose the glass for your order, we ask for one half of the projected total before we begin cutting glass.  The balance is due and payable upon completion.

How Long Does it Take?
It depends upon our workload when we take your order, how quickly we can work through the design process, how quickly you can respond when it’s time for design and glass consultations, and the complexity of your design. However, we cannot tell you exactly when a project will be completed.   Time constraints can interfere with the quality of our work.   If you have a deadline (a special event or holiday) it is best to get started in plenty of time and let us know when your deadline is.
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