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Design and Construction Costs
Design and Consultation Costs
Designing for stained or leaded glass is very different from any other type of art work.  Because we use glass, we must design to allow for cutting of the glass, and also for structural integrity.  While it is possible to adapt designs from other mediums (photos, fabric, paintings, etc.) it can be quite challenging and often time consuming.  Because of this, we must charge for our design time.

In most cases, design time is absorbed into the overall cost of the window.  However, if we are creating an original design based on a specific idea of yours; or creating a design from something that you have supplied to us such as a photograph, fabric, tile, family crest, logo, etc., there may be an additional charge for design time.

Estimating Costs 
Pricing custom stained glass designs can seem complicated.  Hopefully this formula will help you arrive at an estimate and give you an idea of the “Ball Park” figure prior to a contracted price.

Our prices are determined by a base square foot price, combined with the cost of the number of pieces used in the design.  The average design will have 15-20 pieces per square foot.  More is charged for bevels, jewels, wood frames and other specialty treatments.  The pieces are priced between $2.00-$4.00 each depending on the type of glass and the intricacy of the cuts.
Formula for estimate:
Height in inches ____ times width in inches ____ equals ____.
Divided by 144 equals ____ square feet.
Your square feet ____ multiplied by $150.00 equals $____ (A) Base price.

Your square feet ____ multiplied by 20 equals average number of pieces. ___   Your average number of pieces multiplied by $3.00 equals $____(B) cost of pieces.  If your piece has more pieces than average, then the price will be higher.

Add the base price (A) to the cost of the pieces (B) and you have an estimate for your window. $______

Keep in mind this is just an estimate. You will need to consult with us on an individual basis to determine the actual contracted price.
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